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Dramatic decreases in E.coli levels and noxious odours
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Project Description


  • Bio Natural Solutions, was approached in March 2017, by an egg processing facility, that was experiencing odour issues emanating from its waste water treatment plant.
  • E.coli levels in the final effluent, were also well over the levels stipilated by the EPA for irrigation.
  • At the time of inspection, they were spending $30,000 p/month on a biological treatment product, for little or no benefit.


  • Having inspected the system, Bio Natural Soloutions ascertained that the system was a suitable candidate, for treatment with one of its bacterial products and upon further analysis Bactech 362 was selected.
  • A weekly dosing schedule was proposed and agreed upon.
  • A recommendation was made and implemented, that aeration be added to four of the 16 tanks in the tank farm.
  • It was also agreed that dosing of the previous biological product would cease.


  • Within seven days the noxious odours had been eliminated
  • Within four weeks the E.coli had been reduced by 98.5%
Project Details
  • ClientEgg Processing Facility
  • Date10 Sep 2018
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